West Coast Cannabis Club: Where Green Thumbs Meet Puff-Puff Pass!

Welcome to the West Coast, home of sunny beaches, laid-back attire, and your friendly neighbourhood marijuana dispensary, West Coast Cannabis Club. Here, the atmosphere is always chill, and the conversation is as rich and hazy as our premium cannabis products.

Join the Club, Where ‘High’ Standards Matter

Consider yourself forewarned, though. At West Coast Cannabis Club, we take our standards seriously…as seriously as a room full of stoners can. Only the best strains plucked from the most routine-obsessed growers make it to our shelves. And when it comes to service, our budtenders know how to light up your day, and not just literally.

Have queries about what products to choose? We offer customer service that’s as smooth as your first puff of the day. Looking to add a sprinkle of hilarity to your next party? We suggest trying out our mysterious yet humorous “Giggle Bush.”

Ditch the Maps, We’re Right Here

Remember, if you’re hunting around for a marijuana dispensary, look no further: the West Coast Cannabis Club isn’t just a dispensary, it’s a state of mind. And like the state of being high, we’re pretty hard to miss out. So why wait? Swing by and see what we’re all about.