The Ganja Gastronomy at New Standard Whitehall

Welcome, esteemed ‘buds’, to New Standard Whitehall, our local sanctuary where good vibes and great ganja harmonize! Folks from Whitehall, MI and beyond stop by to enlighten their minds and elevate their spirits. Here you might discover a strain that invites you to the boogie-woogie or another that blesses you with serenity.

Where Mary Jane Flavors Our Conversations

Nestled in the green heart of Montague, MI, lies another branch of our cannabis collective. Fondly known as the ‘happiest place in town’, we’re not just a local source of high-quality cannabis, but a rising nexus of groundbreaking anecdotes… and combustion-free puns!

So when you’re searching for “dispensaries near me,” don’t get lost in the haystack. Follow the sweet scent to New Standard Whitehall, your friendly neighborhood dispensary at the junction of serenity and satisfaction. Whether it is for medical or recreational use, you’d sniff us out as your go-to destination!

Your Cannabis Compass Points To New Standard

Yes, dear friends, why seek out an elusive needle in a cannabis haystack? Your search ends at New Standard, where the greenest pastures and the funniest folks await. We’re ready to roll (literally). So come on down, your ride to the highlands beckons!