Stepping into a Coded World in Raymore

A trip to Raymore, MO is never complete without a visit to its biggest surprise package – Codes Dispensary. This developing dispensary sure knows how to win the hearts of its visitors.

A Coded Affair

The place is as mysterious as its name. Like a game of treasure hunt, the adventure starts by cracking the code right at the entrance. The clue? It’s their secret menu which changes every so often, keeping even the regulars on their tiptoes! But let’s not spill too much, perhaps your next trip should be their way to encounter the enigma first hand.

Full Of Surprises

The staff at Codes not only take you for a whirl through their fields of wonder but also leave you giggling with their quirky sense of humor. And trust us, a laugh or two are always welcome when you’re stepping into the mystical world of their dispensary. So, plan a visit to the lovely town of Raymore, MO, and don’t forget to include Codes Dispensary in your itinerary!