A Day in the Life at New Standard Grand Haven Dispensary

Welcome to New Standard Grand Haven, a fresh perspective on a very old plant. We are an exclusively different kind of dispensary; our goal is to make every person who walks through our doors feel safe, comfortable, and informed about cannabis. As an employee here, every day is new, unique, and incredibly rewarding.

A Walk on the Strain Side

The first part of our day begins with a walk on the strain side. Our team gathers each morning to discuss the different strains we carry and learn more about their unique properties and potential benefits. This helps us to provide our customers with all the knowledge they need to make an informed decision. We supply excellent weed strains for every level of cannabis enthusiast, from first time users to connoisseurs. This includes Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrids that come in all shapes and sizes.

Floor Organizing and Engagement

Next, we organize our dispensary floor to be inviting and customer-friendly. We make sure all products are clearly marked and neatly displayed. Then, we’re ready to open our doors. As customers come in, we engage them in a welcoming conversation to understand their needs and guide them through our product assortment. We love teaching our customers about cannabis and getting to know them on a personal level. There’s no such thing as a dumb question at New Standard Grand Haven. We share and provide insight on the benefits and responsible use of cannabis through our educational resources. We believe in maintaining an open dialogue about cannabis use without judgement.

Customer Service Excellence

Throughout the day, we continue to engage with and serve our customers. The highlight of our day is hearing the positive feedback from our customers. Our ultimate goal is to provide excellent customer service that truly helps improve the lives of our community, whether by relieving stress and pain, providing recreational enjoyment, or assisting in mental well-being.

Closing our day at New Standard Grand Haven

Everyday is winding down as we do our final restock to ensure we’re ready for the next day. Our team then gathers to discuss any problems encountered throughout the day and find solutions. By the end of the day, we gain a sense of achievement in knowing that we’ve helped our customers find the right cannabis products based on their personal needs.

A day in the life at New Standard Grand Haven is varied and enriching. We all come from different backgrounds, but unify in the mission to end the stigma around cannabis.